Hello guys.

As i list in my may to-do list,  i will go to Hatyai with my best friends. 😍😍 i really miss her as i last met her in January maybe, even she just study in Perlis just same with me. But because of different course so she stay at Wang Ulu campus. And i have no time to date with her because you know my course sibuk like crazy.

So we have decide to get a little escape to  Hatyai. Just 1 day trip for us but its okay, i love trip even for 1 day or even half of the day. I dont like to stay at my room and doing nothing. Yah, i have lots thing to do but i still not doing my task as well.

Our trip just about food and walking for some different view. You all know Thailand so famous with their very delicious food. Their Pulut Mangga, Pulut Ayam, Tom Yam, and Roasted Meat at Danok. I cant wait for tomorrow actually, im so excited for that.

Luckily my mum give her permission for me to Hatyai. As long as i can take care of myself. Yes i will mum.😘😘 And my mine not really give his permission for me to Hatyai but he know my stubborn, so he just ok and same goes to my mum advice. Take care of yourself.

Ok guys, wait for my next post about this day trip to Hatyai. Hope everything going to be OK and safe. Please make Du'a for me to have a save journey.

Please share your weekend activity too. I love to read them. 💋


  1. Have a safe journey Lela! Hati2 tau kat tempat orang sana :)

  2. bestnya dapat pergi trip. Tambh pula p dengan kawan kawan lagi best.

  3. Syoknyaaaaaaaa jenjalan...

  4. Hi, saya rasa saya terlupa terus nak bagi tahu yg awak telah di tag!

    sudi-sudilah join :D

    and please have lots of fun in Hatyai!

  5. wow shades dia lawaaa.. purplish gitu..

  6. pergh, p Thailand! happy traveling dear. :*

    yes, kita anak dara. jaga diri sebaiknya even pergi ramai orang sekalipun

    1. hehhee. alhamdulillah selamat balik