9 Things To Do Before Signing A Lease

You have probably heard stories about horrible landlords. Maybe you have once been a victim of a bad landlord, and you would never wish to go through that experience again. Finding a perfect house for rent in KL is not a walk in the park. The process is tedious and will drain your energy. It is an unwritten rule of life that once you find an ideal place that you can call home, you should move faster so as to occupy it before another potential house seeker gets it. It is understandable that you will be overwhelmed with excitement that will make you sign that lease without giving a second thought. Hold back and consider the following things before signing it.

1. Establish a good relationship

It always pays to be courteous. Once you have found a house that is perfect, try to create a cordial kind of relationship with the landlord. It will help you especially when you will be negotiating for the rental fee. In all your interactions with the people who are in charge of the property, try to stay polite. You can add some aspect of professionalism into your interactions. Do not be rude or try to arm-twist the landlord. This move can create tension between the two of you, and at the end of the day; you may fail to get your dream house. You should be courteous during both phone conversations and face-to-face interactions.

2. Inspect the property

Do not visit the premises as a tourist. Take your visit seriously while keeping in mind that this might be your next home. During the visit, put your mind and brain on high alert. Be keen to unravel all the corners of the house and analyze whether it will meet your deepest needs and desires. Some of the aspects of the new home that you should look at are comfortability, safety, and functionality. Of course, there are several other issues that you should consider; it all depends on your taste. It is during these visits that you will be able to feel the responsiveness of the landlord. How long will it take the owner to address the issue that you have raised about the house?

3. Visit the home at different hours

Before you finally decide to sign that lease, schedule your visits to be at different hours of the day. You can also alternate the days that you visit the house for rent. By being flexible, you will have a taste of how it will be like to be in that house during different hours or on different days of the week. Is the master bedroom located at a perfect position where it can receive the beautiful morning sun? Does the living room receive sufficient light during the midday? Does the place get noisy during weekends? These are some of the questions that can only be answered if you alternate your visits.

4. Document all the existing damages

You don't want to move into a new house only to be slapped with a massive bill for the damages that are in the house. During your initial visit, check the status of all the items in the house. If you discover that some items are not in good condition, document them. You should present the list to the landlord and let the matter be addressed before you sign that lease. This simple move will save you from paying for something that you are not liable for. Some of the common things that you should inspect to ascertain their status includes leaking taps, damaged blinds, broken electric sockets among others.

5. Know what is included in the rent

Before you sign the lease, know what you are paying for. That house for rent that you are planning to move in may be having some utilities such as parking space, swimming pool, gym membership, health club membership and even internet services. Are these utilities included in the rent or will you have to pay for them separately? Don't be in a rush to pay the rent without knowing what it will cover. Be clear to ask the landlord if there will be any extra charges that you will pay apart from the monthly rent. Knowing beforehand will help you make proper plans for your monthly expenses.

6. Can you make any changes to the house?

Just because it is a house for rent doesn't mean that everything on it should be shoved down your throat. You also need to put into consideration your likes and preferences. Will you be free to paint the walls using you preferred colors? Can you change the lighting system without suffering any consequences? Can you put some nails on the wall or add other enhancements in the house. Some landlords are very sensitive to additional changes on their house and will not hesitate to terminate the contract once they discover that you have gone ahead to make the changes. Ask about the rules regarding customization before signing the lease.

7. Talk to the neighbors

Your future neighbors can be an excellent source of information. Things can be much better if they live in the same apartment as yours. You can mine from them more information about the landlord and the house for rent that you are about to move in. The landlord or even property managers can hide some information about the cost of the utilities but the neighbors won't, especially if they are an aggrieved lot. Ask them about the period that they have been living there and how they find the place. Do they think it is a nice place to live or do they have negative thoughts about it?

8. Rules about pets

If you have a pet, then you should consider asking the property manager if there is any policy regarding domestic animals. Some apartments do not allow pets while others have limitations on the types of pets that you can keep. Sneaking a pet contrary to the rules of the apartment can lead to termination of the lease. If you dislike pets, asking about the policy will help you avoid apartments that allow them.

9. Read through the lease

Do not assume that everything that you have discussed with the property manager will be put on paper. Take your time to read through all the clauses that have been stated. Ensure that all the points that you have come to a consensus with the landlord has been written and explained in a clear manner. If the landlord allows you to make some modifications, let it be on paper. Do not just go through the clauses but understand every point. Do not be shy to ask for clarifications whenever you fail to understand anything.


  1. Good sharing. Selalu ada je yg malas baca and malas nak ambik tahu hal lain. Tau2 dpt rmh sewa terus sign.

  2. I have to say this, your writing is so good. Well writtem and good grammar.

    I totally love that tip to visit the house during different hours. That totally will help to even ensure that you're making the right. The damage list also another good tip.

    // afifahaddnan