our loghat .

helo helo hye .

scolling fesbuk make me fell bbbbbrrr .
reading for the funny troll . it's not about MH370 . but it's about loghat troll . sometime make me laugh but sometime make me fell like it to much discrimination for human . discrimination for that loghat . ask from where we r and scoff at us .
ok. i as terengganu people very very proud wif that loghat . u know not all people can talk terengganu loghat . it's to difficult and seems to weird and awkward when they talk in terengganu . so be proud if u can speak in terengganu loghat very well .

terengganu people can speak K.L loghat ok . but maybe sometime we gone past any words . normal la kan . lidah kerah kata kau .

just view the funny troll there .

all state have their loghat. not just terengganu . i really can't understand sepatah haram pon bile orang negori ni cakap. tak de la tak paham sangat . yang femes2 tu aku taw la . and also perak and melaka loghat . it's like too weird for me laa . i don't have friends from that country before . after i study here, aku taw la sikit2 kan . but so pity of selangorians . y ? becoz they don't have loghat . all people talk justt same way . tak spesel la macam tu .

see . it's right kan ? people have no idea to scoff at . dye pulak yang muke macam kene troll . tapi tak kisah la ade loghat ke tak, kita tetap 1 malaysia kata abang jib . just same country . hidup pon mesti la same country .

nah ! amek kau . terdiam akhirnya . ekekeke . 
tu je la . 
assalamualaikum :)


  1. saya selangor..dok ngata pasal politik je lah kalau selangor,